Friday, February 10, 2012

Small Refashion

serendipitous ran across this post yesterday.  I had just bought a similar shirt (thrifted, maybe $4?) last week!  I thought it was pretty sweet.  Corey thought not.  I've been trying to tell him that old school stuff is cool.  Think, what would my grandma wear?  I think he thought this shirt was too grandma.

Basically doing the same steps as the original post, here's my tiny refashion:

Taking a step back perhaps I should have lowered the neckline a little more.  Even so, I like the simple adjustment.  Freshens up the shirt a bit.  Amazingly I'm still able to button the shirt despite my 6 1/2 month bump!  

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  1. That is a STEAL Ash! Sometime soon, you need to teach me your ways -xoxo


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