Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deja Vu

Whilst on a thrift trip a few months ago I spotted this yellow striped shirt.  Bold stripes, yellow... looked like a nice summer t-shirt (it actually had sleeves but I chopped them off).  After I brought it home something seemed familiar about it... what was it?  Oh!  I had made a dish towel that looked EXACTLY like it.  

I was actually going to make it gingham print but after painting the horizontal stripes I ran out of paint and decided I would just leave it as is.  The color and width of stripes is as close as you can get.  Freaky.  And somewhat embarrassing that I have a shirt that matches my towel.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Postpartum Refashion

I've done a tiny bit of sewing and thrifting since my newest little cutie was born.  Sewing and thrifting are therapeutic to me I think, they help me de-stress if I've had a long day (or week).

Anywho, during some needed breather time one evening I stumbled upon a beauty.  Just kidding.  It was pretty bad but I liked that the top half unbuttoned (convenient for a nursing mom), the print was kinda cute, and it had pockets.   The skinny: I took the waist up about six inches, removed shoulder pads, took in the shoulder width, and chopped the sleeves...and I love it!  A casual (and comfortable) dress that is also functional.

In other news I am dangerously close to actually finishing that quilt I started eons ago.  Seriously I probably have like two feet of binding to finish...lets get on that.