Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letterpress Spice Rack

I've been going back and forth with what I wanted to do with my spices recently.  I really wanted to figure out a way to do a test tube spice rack (you know, geek chic?)--but when it came down to the details it just wasn't very practical.  Perhaps someday I'll get some test tubes (they are so cool!) anyway for to keep liquid extracts (vanilla, almond, etc).  

A month or so I pinned this.  It's unusual, but fun!  I had some leftover birthday present funds and decided to go for it.  As usual Corey was perplexed, yet not surprised, that I would want a dirty old drawer for my birthday :)  He's used to my odd choices now.

Here's my (half full) version:

It was difficult finding a tray that was wide enough to hold the spice tins I purchased.  I eventually found one that was priced okay and went for it.  I was hoping for a deeper tray, but worked with what I had (below you can see how they stick out quite a bit).

Strong magnets and strong glue was a quick fix!  

Another deviation from the original idea was I purchased some fun yellow washi tape to label the spices.  I liked this because it added some color and it's easily removable if I want to change things up.


  1. Clever with the magnets. I don't know if I would have thought of that. Love the tins too.

  2. Looks great Ash! I will have to come visit some time for sure to see all the fun things you have done with your place! xo


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