Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Diaper Pouch

This project has been on my to-do list forever.  Once Ellie was past the new baby stage I hated dragging my diaper bag everywhere and just stowed a few necessities (diapers, snacks, etc) in my purse.  My messy purse.

Last night I wanted to do a quick project and finally decided to whip this out.  Nothing fancy. Functional and small was what I was going for.  Now I have a nice little bundle to hold together a few diapers and wipes (I just stow a small amount of wipes in a zip top bag, the generic travel wipe holder always left me with dry wipes and it was bulkier).

It's just a rectangle sized to wrap around a few diapers with a smaller rectangle at the bottom to hold things in (which actually I don't think is necessary).  

I used felt for half of the outside so I wouldn't need to add the soft side of velcro.  Lazy?  Perhaps.  Either way it gets the  job done.  Here's a full view of the canvas side to see the general shape.


  1. Great idea. I love the orange fabric too.

  2. Thanks! I feel lame for putting off this project for two years :) Better late than never, right?


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