Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eye Candy

I was very excited to get to a fun fabric store yesterday (thanks Chelsea!).  There aren't many smaller quilt shops by me, so I was in heaven.  

I completely changed my fabric selection a number of times, but I am really excited with what I ended up with.  Different from what I normally would do, but I think the fabrics are so fun and cheery--I love it!

Now I just need to finalize the pattern I want to do (I'm thinking a modern layout, but maybe mixing in some traditional squares?) and I can get cutting!

Friday, July 29, 2011


In recent years I have become a fan of thrifting.  I have always loved old things, it's fun to see the imperfections collected over time.  I find it fun to look through what people have left behind and occasionally I find something fun to take home.  One of my favorite shows (besides Project Runway--which just started again) is Antiques Roadshow.  I love seeing what everyone has picked up over the years.  

I thought this tray was so cool (and only a buck).  I love the minty green color and the patriotic image--all hand panted.  It's chippy in spots, which just adds to the character.  Some day I'd love to have an office that's full of patriotic things.  I have big plans for my 50 state quarters that I dutifully collected all those years.

Some fun belts that I think I will add to my "Christmas" pile (as I didn't necessarily need them right now), they were cute and only $1 each.

I also love picking up things for the kitchen.  Here's two things I picked up in the last few months. A carved rolling pin (probably not very useful, but pretty!), $1, and some old school beaters, which was pricey at $3.

I picked up this toy for Ellie to play with on an upcoming trip, it was $2.  I'm a math nerd (Statistics major in college) and loved that is was sort of an abacus.  Maybe I'll teach her to count with it when she starts learning numbers.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love art.  I think it's fun to have some unique things on your walls.  

My Dad paints (among other things) as a hobby, as well I have three very talented siblings in the art department.  I am not a good artist, but I have fun.  Someday I'd love to take some art (and pattern making) classes just for fun.  For fun I decided to document some artwork adorning my home.  

Here is an attempt at drawing Ellie in the hospital in charcoal.

I made this for my husband as a gift this year.  He sang that song on the night he proposed.

Not really artwork (maybe couch work?), but I still love my houndstooth pillow.  I love the pop of the bold design in my living room. 

And last but not least, is a random oil painting I did for my kitchen.  I still go back and forth on whether I like it or not.  Also, to frame or leave unframed?

Fun (aka long boring tangent) side fact, this is a result of an utter failure.  I saw this idea and loved it.  I wasn't sure where to buy huge sheets of paper (duh, at almost any craft store), so I used a cheap canvas I bought.  I carefully picked out fun yellow acrylic colors and started printing.  Only it looked terrible.  Due to the canvas being flimsy the larger sized dot, the potato stamp really didn't work and the colors looked bleh.  I meant to fill in the whole thing with dots but stopped because it looked bad.  So I pulled out an oil paint set I had gotten may Christmases ago (thanks Dad!) and started repainting the dots.  It looks better for sure.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Button Up Bloomers

I love this button up bloomer pattern/tutorial.  It's really such an easy piece to make, and it looks so cute on a little girl.  Here's my version I made a month or so ago:

I want to make many more, but am holding out until Ellie grows a bit (she has plenty of clothing at the moment).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shirt Refashion

Recently my closet has been less than exciting to me.  A few of my favorites finally kicked the bucket and it's too hot (and humid) for cardigans at the moment.  I love cardigans.
I found this shirt--surprise--at the thrift store.  I thought the robin egg blue was cute, and I always love polka dots.  I love finding things in larger sizes as there's more wiggle room to alter it.

I took in quite a bit on the side seams and then created some fun gathered sleeves.  I probably should have taken the shoulders in a bit more, but I can live with it.  I added elastic to the end of the sleeve to pull it together.  I still need to take up the hem (Corey said with the current length it looks like an art smock), so in the meantime I've been wearing it tucked in.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Suede Baby Shoes

I have made a few baby shoes now (here's my go to pattern -however, I do my own thing after step 8), why are little things so cute?

I've been dreaming of baby moccasins (probably due to these adorable baby moccasins), so I thought why not try a pair in leather? I wasn't sure where to buy leather (it seems so expensive!), and serendipitously I ran across a scrap leather bag at the craft store (starts with "M" ends with "ichaels").  It seems to be hit or miss the color or thickness of the leather you get, but the pieces were large enough to make baby shoes, so I was in business!

I think they turned out cute and look very comfy!  In a month or two they will fit perfectly.

I attempted a pair for myself, but they are still a work in progress.  I had to punch the leather as the scrap I was working with was very thick.  They need some serious alterations before they are wearable in any kind of public.  Right now they are a floppy mess.  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Crochet Headphones

My husband has had these headphones for years.  They seem to be nice headphones (full disclosure--I am no techie) BUT the material around the speakers was awful.  It was flaky and gross so we never used them as we didn't want to have black bits all over our hair and ears.

I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I had this idea in my head to crochet covers for years.  The only problem is that I don't crochet.  Not well at least.  The other night I decided to just go for it.  One side turned out funny (I didn't think to keep track of what I was doing so I just winged both pieces), so I may redo it.  Overall I think they look kinda fun?  I may crochet the headband piece too just for kicks.

Hair Bows

I have been on a hair bow kick recently.  Not 80's/90's giant hair bows mind you.  Much smaller.  I think it's fun add a little bow to your hair to jazz it up a bit.

Here's a sampling of some I've made recently.

Here are a few cute DIY hair bow tutorials I've had bookmarked for a while if you need inspiration:

Children's Books

I love children's books.  I also very much love vintage children's books.

Whilst thrifting if I come across something that looks cute I usually snag it.  I love that the books are cheap come with character build in so I don't feel as bad if Ellie (my daughter) bends a page or rips something.

I just got this book today, it's a pop up Mother Goose book from the 70's or so.  I'm amazed that it's fully intact.  I'm debating whether to wait to introduce it to Ellie as it is in such good condition!

Here is Humpty Dumpty's crash, complete with yolk spilling out.  Poor Humpty!

Skirt Refashions

I have been having fun refashioning skirts recently.  It's such a quick project!  This time I don't have before pictures (drat).  Both skirts were mid-calf extra large skirts.  You know, the kind that are in abundance at any thrift store.

To start both skirts I cut away the original waistline.  For the red skirt ,below, I took some extra wide elastic and encased it.  Then I sewed a number of rows over the waistband to create a foe shirred look. 

I loved the colors of this skirt.  Reminded me of a Monet painting or something.  I decided to go with another wide elastic band, this time exposed.  

I love both new skirts.  Both skirts worn high on my waist hit about knee length, which I think is perfect (bonus--no new hem required).  I am now critically eyeing many of my old skirts...they seem so drab compared to my newly refashioned skirts!