Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tree Trimmings

I get nerdy excited for Christmas.  Being such a person I had Corey help me pull out the tree on Friday and got going.  Living in Arizona it just doesn't feel anything like Christmas until the tree is up.  
I'm loving the thrifted ornaments I found (confession, I found another little bag of them on Friday--full of handmade ornaments like the ones pictured below), plus they were cheap enough that if Ellie breaks any it's no big deal.  Can I say I'm glad I didn't invest in any glass ornaments?  Ellie thinks the round ornaments are balls and likes to bounce them on the floor <sigh>.

I made the red garland a few years ago (strips of fabric twisted around beads and then knotted), and added the pom-pom trim this year for fun.  I bought the pom-pom trim to update my tree skirt but haven't had time to work on it.  My star is white, so the trim fits perfectly.  The wooden candy canes were bought on sale at Joanns a few weeks ago.

I love turning on the lights in the evening and enjoying a good movie or treats with my little family.

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