Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Punch Embroidery

My mom's recent visit reminded me to pull out my punch embroidery needle again.  I drew a simple picture and tested it out after sitting in my sewing box for much too long.  

I think it turned out cute considering I only had 4 embroidery thread colors on hand to choose from.  I love how it looks like a miniature carpet.  It's honestly really easy, and once you get the punch motion down it goes quickly.  You work from the back, which is a bit odd at first.

Here's a picture of the actual needle (the other end of the thread usually comes out the back of the tube, my thread was too short to show).  The tiny threader is next to it--don't loose it or you are toast.

I don't know if this is standard for needle punch kits, but I highly suggest buying one that comes in handy packaging so you don't loose your threader or any other vital parts.

I already have ideas for my next little embroidery once I get a chance to pick up some new colors.  It would be so fun to do some Christmas themed ones too.  These would be a fun little gift for someone.

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  1. This is neat. I've never heard of punch embroidery until now. I'll have to see if I can find the tools. I saw the cutest idea in the latest Martha Stewart magazine (go figure). It was all on cross-stitch family portraits. So cute. I bet it would look awesome with this type of embroidery.


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