Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sparse Thrifting

Now that my daughter is more mobile and hyper-alert to everything she sees (i.e. grabs everything she can) thrifting has lost some of it's fun.  Which is totally fine, it has been fun being able to take Ellie to a park (especially now that it has finally cooled down in Southern AZ).  So more parks, less thrift shops for me recently.

On one of my recent trips I found this and just couldn't pass it up.  It was the perfect 70's looking yarn embroidery, something cheerful for our bedroom perhaps. 

Whilst looking for the price tag I found this cute note.  No wonder I liked it, it was made with love by someone's grandma.  How cute.

I do have to admit my husband didn't like it as much as me (ok, I don't think he liked it at all), but he's nice and lets me do what I want with the house.

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