Thursday, August 18, 2011


Isn't everything.  I was ecstatic to see my little header went so far (it made the top 7!), but alas I did not make the top 3.  It was fun anyway, and it's brought me some new bloggy friends.

Last week my little family and I had a fun trip to Utah.  It was such a breath of fresh air to be "home" for a bit, and we loved seeing our families.

My mother-in-law gave me an awesome pattern/panel of fabric.  She's not really sure why she bought it, but who wouldn't want an apron with a pig head on it?  I'm thinking this will make a great gag gift for Christmas.  Question is, should I made the original apron, or applique the pig head onto something else (sweater, tote bag, etc)?

While I was at my parent's house I dug through some boxes looking for something, and found a few fun things to bring back.  One item I brought back was this little elephant my grandma gave me.  It's old and a little dirty, but I think it's charming.  Maybe I will hang it on our tree this year.  

Who is excited for Christmas?!  I am one of those nerds who is excited for Christmas in February.  I love it.


  1. i'm one of your new followers thanks to the MADE contest. :] (just to let you know.) i've been in love with your design ideas, and am loving following so far. also - yes, christmas obsession - count me in.
    thanks for the great posts.

  2. Usually around September I start playing Christmas music all day. I love Christmas!

  3. Seriously, top 7 is winning, when there are hundreds of entries. I love that little elephant.

  4. Thanks everyone :) I love Christmas music too!


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