Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

Many moons ago I lent out my cheap magnet pin holder to someone when they were working on a sewing project and never got it back.  While I wasn't attached to that particular holder, I did miss the convenience of it.

Months ago I stumbled across a simple magnetic pin holder tutorial and made a mental note.  I never did find a dish that I liked that much, but I did run across two miniature enambled cast iron skillets.  

Lightbulb.  An even easier DIY Magnetic Pin Holder.

You will need a metal dish of some kind, magnets (I prefer the stronger small ones), and pins.  Unless desired, no glue is needed.  If you don't use glue whatever you choose to use can be used for something else later.  First step:  put magnets in dish.
Second (and last) step: add some pins and bon appetit!
Side tangent I love Julia Child!

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