Friday, July 29, 2011


In recent years I have become a fan of thrifting.  I have always loved old things, it's fun to see the imperfections collected over time.  I find it fun to look through what people have left behind and occasionally I find something fun to take home.  One of my favorite shows (besides Project Runway--which just started again) is Antiques Roadshow.  I love seeing what everyone has picked up over the years.  

I thought this tray was so cool (and only a buck).  I love the minty green color and the patriotic image--all hand panted.  It's chippy in spots, which just adds to the character.  Some day I'd love to have an office that's full of patriotic things.  I have big plans for my 50 state quarters that I dutifully collected all those years.

Some fun belts that I think I will add to my "Christmas" pile (as I didn't necessarily need them right now), they were cute and only $1 each.

I also love picking up things for the kitchen.  Here's two things I picked up in the last few months. A carved rolling pin (probably not very useful, but pretty!), $1, and some old school beaters, which was pricey at $3.

I picked up this toy for Ellie to play with on an upcoming trip, it was $2.  I'm a math nerd (Statistics major in college) and loved that is was sort of an abacus.  Maybe I'll teach her to count with it when she starts learning numbers.

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