Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love art.  I think it's fun to have some unique things on your walls.  

My Dad paints (among other things) as a hobby, as well I have three very talented siblings in the art department.  I am not a good artist, but I have fun.  Someday I'd love to take some art (and pattern making) classes just for fun.  For fun I decided to document some artwork adorning my home.  

Here is an attempt at drawing Ellie in the hospital in charcoal.

I made this for my husband as a gift this year.  He sang that song on the night he proposed.

Not really artwork (maybe couch work?), but I still love my houndstooth pillow.  I love the pop of the bold design in my living room. 

And last but not least, is a random oil painting I did for my kitchen.  I still go back and forth on whether I like it or not.  Also, to frame or leave unframed?

Fun (aka long boring tangent) side fact, this is a result of an utter failure.  I saw this idea and loved it.  I wasn't sure where to buy huge sheets of paper (duh, at almost any craft store), so I used a cheap canvas I bought.  I carefully picked out fun yellow acrylic colors and started printing.  Only it looked terrible.  Due to the canvas being flimsy the larger sized dot, the potato stamp really didn't work and the colors looked bleh.  I meant to fill in the whole thing with dots but stopped because it looked bad.  So I pulled out an oil paint set I had gotten may Christmases ago (thanks Dad!) and started repainting the dots.  It looks better for sure.  

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