Monday, July 25, 2011

Suede Baby Shoes

I have made a few baby shoes now (here's my go to pattern -however, I do my own thing after step 8), why are little things so cute?

I've been dreaming of baby moccasins (probably due to these adorable baby moccasins), so I thought why not try a pair in leather? I wasn't sure where to buy leather (it seems so expensive!), and serendipitously I ran across a scrap leather bag at the craft store (starts with "M" ends with "ichaels").  It seems to be hit or miss the color or thickness of the leather you get, but the pieces were large enough to make baby shoes, so I was in business!

I think they turned out cute and look very comfy!  In a month or two they will fit perfectly.

I attempted a pair for myself, but they are still a work in progress.  I had to punch the leather as the scrap I was working with was very thick.  They need some serious alterations before they are wearable in any kind of public.  Right now they are a floppy mess.  


  1. I thought I'd give making moccasins a try and I love it. I actually find that thrifting leather is the best bet. Old jackets or purses. I did get lucky and find some leather online by Googling and got it cheap. I also buy the leather that Michaels has for the soles of the shoes. Now I need to find time to make more. I do have a pair of Freshly Picked and they are as lovely as you would expect. My little one is going to grow out of them soon and I am so sad.

    here is my moc love...

  2. I love your moccs! I actually thought about using leather from old jackets--I will have to take another look a the thrift store one of these days. Oh, I would love a pair of Freshly Picked moccs...maybe I can justify it for Christmas :)


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