Monday, September 19, 2011

The Best Intentions

There have been numerous occasions in my life where I wished I could just have a few more hours or an extra day off to get all that I wished done.  I could do so much with even an extra hour!  

To make a short story long, a few weeks ago I found myself with some extra time during nap time (read:  the main side job I was working on kind of ended).  Super!  I could get so much crafting and organizing done!  I started with working on the back of my quilt.  I mentioned earlier that I wanted to use as many scraps as I could, so I was piecing a lot together.  After a good amount of time was spent on it I took a step back and didn't like it.  I wasn't about to finish a quilt I didn't like.  So out came the seam ripper to re-invent the back.  To keep me occupied I browsed online shows and found the newest season of Design Star.  Sweet.  Needless to say I spent more time watching the show than getting anything productive done.  Don't you hate that?

Anyway.  I am turning a new leaf.  I am going to be better with my free time!  Yay for motivation.

Last night I finished pinning together my quilt sandwich.  Oh, what an exciting step.  I don't think I'll be able to start quilting until later this week, but I am very excited!  I think I am going to branch out and do some straight line quilting and dearly hope it works out okay despite the fact I don't have a walking foot.


  1. Excited to see the result. Good luck with the quilting!

  2. FYI-I found a pretty cheap generic walking foot on ebay. It might be worth taking a look....

  3. I should watch ebay for a good walking foot. I did get a free hand quilting foot for a good price there.


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