Thursday, September 1, 2011


This week I have found myself with a little extra time during nap time.  I've put that extra time to good use and have been making some good progress on my quilt!  A few rows have been sewn together and I like it so far.

As I sometimes have the memory of a ant, I keep numbers affixed to my rows so I don't mess up.  A helpful tip I picked up a few years back.

Although I am not a perfectionist in many aspects of my life (just take a peak at my living room right now), I am a perfectionist when it comes to quilt corners.  It bothers me so when corners don't match up.  Pressing, trimming finished blocks, and pinning helps tremendously when matching corners.  Hello, look at that lovely corner!


  1. Those are perfect corners! I really like looking at the fabric scraps your using for this. You have great taste in fabrics. I especially love the elephants.


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