Sunday, January 8, 2012


For many years each January I've written down a list of resolutions.  Frankly it was more of a wish list.  A few months ago I saw a neat-o idea about having a goal word for the year instead.  I'm totally adopting that.  This year my goal is "simplify".  With a new baby coming soon I think it's fitting.  

First project with my new goal is slowly working through my home and donating things that I don't need or use.  I have a closet full of things that are good but I don't wear for one reason or another.  Ideally I want my closet to only have pieces I love and wear often... hopefully full of pieces I make!  Or from other talented people (ps Marsha, I love my scarf.  I noticed the lovely hand stitching even before Gavin and Lesa mentioned it).  

Last night I finished a new top.  At first I felt a little like a jail bird (thick horizontal stripes), but I'm liking it more--it's hard not to as it's really comfortable.  I used this tutorial.  

It went together very smoothly when you ignore the fact I snipped through the fabric when trimming the neckline (thank you heat'n'bond for saving the day).  I think if I make another (sans stripes) I will make it a few inches longer.  My bump is taking up more space these days.


  1. Those two weren't even supposed to mention it.

    You did a great job on this top and you look adorable in these stripes. Isn't pregnancy when you get to show off your belly? Also, I really like those sleeves.


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