Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I have a small goal to make at least one homemade item for Ellie (and any future kids) for Christmas and their birthday.  Last year I made Ellie a hedgehog softie and a hat.  This year it's a hat and mittens (ignore the wrinkles, they need to be laundered).

I found this new favorite fabric shop in town and last Saturday my friend and I checked it out.  If you are cheap and like thrift stores this is an awesome store.  We dug through piles of remnants and both left with some fun fabric.  I got this snuggly soft pink fleece remnant for $2.

I used the Snow Pixie pattern for the hat (deviating on the edge finish).

And for the mittens I started using this tutorial, but deviated a bit.  Perhaps on a whim, perhaps due to a mistake cutting the sleeve part too small.  It's really hard to say.  I had some leftover material from the braids I did on the hat and added loops to the mittens so I could add mitten clips later if needed.

I love how the braid detail turned out.  To make the rope I took long strips of roughly 2 inch strips (with the most stretch width wise), sewed together, and flipped inside out with a chopstick.  It took a whole night to hand stitch it to the hat, but it was worth it.


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