Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweater Mittens

I took break from quilting to get some backlog projects done.  

One of those being some sweater mittens that my mom and I started the last time she visited (ahem, in February).  We bought two grandma sweaters at the thrift store and got four mittens out of them (they are two layers thick--extra warm!).  One of the sweaters had some embroidery on it, which turned out super cute on the mittens.

They are a cute grandma chic gift for anyone who is prone to cold hands.  

Here's the pattern I used if anyone should desire to make their own.


  1. My best friend had showed me that tutorial last year and we *swore* it was our next project. Somehow it never got accomplished. :/ But you definitely just re-inspired me!! :) I'll be sure to link back when I get done!

  2. Please do! I'm glad I inspired you to give them a second chance :)

  3. They look great. I have always wanted to try these, but always wondered what happens when you cut the sweater? Does it unravel any?

  4. Thanks Marsha. Some sweaters will unravel, these were fuzzy yarn sweaters and they didn't (although I'm sure if I started tugging on loose threads they would have). If you get 100% wool sweaters you can wash them in very hot water to felt them. That way you won't have any problems with unraveling.


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