Friday, February 1, 2013

New hobbies

Over Christmas my super fun mother-in-law decided to donate some beading supplies to me.  I've been practicing on a few small things and I finally made a new necklace.  I couldn't find beads the exact same color, so I chose a happy minty green to go with the vintage blue beads.

The green beads were so tiny!  They were about the size of a mustard seed.  Luckily they came strung, so I could pinch off a half inch of them at a time to thread onto the new string.  I have some pretty coral beads that will become a necklace as soon as I can figure out what design to do.

I also finally made my first wood project!  I've been wanting to make something for ages.  We got some tools recently so it was finally more feasible to do.  I made a new frame for my cheap full length mirror.
 Here's a closeup of the frame.  Very basic frame, but I was happy with my first try.  Much better than the plastic frame before.  Next up, mitered corners?!

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