Sunday, June 3, 2012

Postpartum Refashion

I've done a tiny bit of sewing and thrifting since my newest little cutie was born.  Sewing and thrifting are therapeutic to me I think, they help me de-stress if I've had a long day (or week).

Anywho, during some needed breather time one evening I stumbled upon a beauty.  Just kidding.  It was pretty bad but I liked that the top half unbuttoned (convenient for a nursing mom), the print was kinda cute, and it had pockets.   The skinny: I took the waist up about six inches, removed shoulder pads, took in the shoulder width, and chopped the sleeves...and I love it!  A casual (and comfortable) dress that is also functional.

In other news I am dangerously close to actually finishing that quilt I started eons ago.  Seriously I probably have like two feet of binding to finish...lets get on that.


  1. Cute Ashley and your hair is getting so long!

  2. Looks great Ash!

    P.s. Tell Corey that those chairs are the best! Not only do they look cool, they are super comfy too! Xo-


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