Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quiet Book Volume 1

Originally I had sketched a myriad of page ideas (probably close to twenty) for my little quiet book, but quiet book volume one will just be five pages long.  I am okay with that.  I've constructed the book in such a way if/when I create more pages I can easily add them, which is super.

The book isn't perfect, but I think that gives it charm (or is that just what people who make imperfect things say to feel better?).  I didn't use any patterns, just had fun recreating the sketches I started with.  There is a thin layer of patting in each page giving it some stability, but keeping it soft.  There are no loose pieces, I didn't want to go crazy trying to keep everything together.

Here's the cover:

The classic mailbox page:

The Velcro bee page:

The elephant page (you stick your fingers through the back to be the elephant trunks):

The family picture page:

The zipper pouch (back of previous page):

The button frog page:

And as an afterthought I added another little file like pouch on the inside back cover to hold a notebook or a small book:

Handmade birthday gift:  done!  With 7 weeks to spare!  On to the next project...


  1. turned out so good! I love it!

  2. It is so adorable Ash! That little brown belt is pretty cool too, was that a thrift?

  3. Thanks!

    Chris, where else? Of course it's a thrift. It was incredibly small, otherwise I'd have thought about keeping it for myself.

  4. this book is amazing! you did such a great job on it! i hope mine turns out half as well as yours! =)


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